welcome to my world

C.S. Lewis once said, “Experience is a brutal teacher. But you learn.  My God, do you learn.”  My life has been one educational experience after another, most of them brutal or at least eye-opening.  Some of these experiences, I likely could have done without, but each choice and experience changes us.  I am a very different man than I was even 6 months ago, and I owe that to my (sometimes-questionable) experiences and the people involved in my life.

I am a storyteller and a teacher by accident, design, and choice. Though I do not teach professionally (yet), I feel that my experiences and my understanding of people, ideas, human relationships, and language may be useful and beneficial to those out there who listen, as well as to those who would rather not pay attention.

As most writers and storytellers say, I make things up.  I don’t necessarily lie or mislead; instead, I use my imagination, my proficiency with language and ideas, and my understanding of people to create new worlds and tell stories.  It saddens me, however, when I see so many stories and other works that are substandard at best, and deficient at worst, when the structure, form, and even basic grammar of a work undermine the work itself.

I am what many may consider a pain in the ass because I revere grammar and proper use of the English language to an almost-extreme degree.  English has been our language for more than half of a millennium, and seeing it used in the improper, and even perverted, manner as many use it now brings pain to my stomach and violent thoughts to my brain.  I intend to combat this perversion and misuse.

Words, when used correctly, have incredible power.  It is my mission to teach the power of our native tongue, through stories, lessons, and mini-rants (and the occasional extended rant), while also using this forum to tell my own story, because as Mitch Albom once said, the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one.


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