cross to bear

We all have a cross to bear, don’t we? It’s a part of our being that sometimes complicates life but also contributes to our individuality. I know have my share, but there is someone close to me who has a daily struggle. And yet, she is strong despite–and perhaps even because of–these challenges. She may be the strongest person I’ve ever met.

I have a beautiful, brilliant, incredible girlfriend. She is the smartest person I have ever known, she is strikingly beautiful and even hypnotic, and her inner strength surpasses even that of a small army. However, she has a challenge ahead of her every single day. She has an allergy to most nuts and nut byproducts (oils, etc), as well as fish. While eating a chocolate bunny tonight, she had an adverse reaction to the chocolate, despite any clear evidence that there was any nuts in the chocolate. It was likely miniscule pieces or a nut liqueur that she did not catch on the label.

M spends a good deal of her time reading labels and asking what seem to the untrained ear to be nagging questions about what she orders at restaurants. I worry constantly about her because while she rarely has reactions, a strong enough reaction could be extremely detrimental to her well-being. Worse yet, she fears passing this on to our children. I tell her that we’ll deal with it and that we’ll make sure that they will either have a chance to force their bodies to develop a tolerance or that we will tailor our eating habits so that no harm will come to them.

Nothing means more to me than her health and safety and that of our children, whenever we welcome them to our lives. She is aware of my worrying, and though she wishes I wouldn’t, she knows I would anyway, because it’s my nature. She is worth these worries, because I know if the roles were reversed, she would do the same (and often does).

She means the world to me.


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