oblivion rising

Albert Einstein once said, “Ignorance is oblivion.”

I’m the first person to say that education is the key to almost anything resembling progress in a divided world.

However, it seems that in this country, education has nothing to do with the level of stupidity, hatred, and ignorance displayed by some people.

The Arizona state legislature passed a bill today that fundamentally makes racial profiling and discrimination legal.  While I understand the basic premise behind the law (preventing illegal immigration ), it gives police the power to question and detain anyone who may or may not appear to be in the country legally, based purely on appearance.  It also forces any presidential candidate to present a birth certificate (in a shout-out to the “birther” movement that maintains a belief that our current President was not born in the United States) before they can be on the presidential ballot.

There is a Facebook group that asks God to kill President Obama.  I may have disliked, disrespected, and disapproved of our previous president, but I never wanted him dead.  The fact that these people want our current leader dead less than half-way into his term demonstrates the complete level of ignorance and disinterest in this country’s success.  They would rather see a brilliant, reasonable American leader, and the first of his kind, murdered than give him the opportunity to show us what change looks like and how it can benefit every one of us.

This leads to the major political movement in our country, which is the Tea Party.  These people, most of them white, working-class conservatives, profess some degree of loyalty to Ron Paul (an isolationist Texas politician who is more interested in limited government) or Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, who are two of the most dangerous people in America.  Palin and Beck constantly feed their base lies and distortions that are more fabrication than most science-fiction stories.  They tell their bases that President Obama is a Socialist and a Communist and that he will eliminate most of our freedoms; they incite violence and lead them to believe that intimidation of politicians will cause them to relent and change votes; they go on television and call Democrats “racists” and say that our leaders are “destroying this country.”

The time has come for these people to stop listening to damaging personalities such as these.  The original Tea Party happened in Boston before the American Revolution in an effort to separate ourselves from the Imperial rule of the British.  This is not the same situation, nor does it resemble it.

Our country is at great risk of control by ignorant, hateful people who have nothing good to say but have control over thousands of people willing to listen.  The movement turns otherwise reasonable people into people who hate and only listen to one side of a very complex story.  Our current leadership is not destroying this country; the people who have no right to manipulate otherwise ignorant, uninformed people into violence, anger, and hatred, are the ones guilty of undermining the United States.


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