paradigm shift

I’ve decided to start using this blog to do what it is that I intended it to do:  elaborate on my experiences and the lessons they’ve taught me.  My political leanings are apparent at this point, as are my opinions on our language and how frustrated I am with its misuse.

I’ve recently learned that while I deny it to the end, I do take my work personally.

I work at the Home Depot. It’s a long story, and it isn’t a job–or story–that I’m necessarily proud of, but it is part of my story.

Most of my day, I spend at the Customer Service desk, and while everybody close to me, including my girlfriend, tells me not to take it personally, I find it impossible not to take it personally.  It’s what I spend most of my waking hours doing.

The short version of it is, I deal with all matters that come through the store, from basic transactions to angry customers and even some of the less intelligent/aware people in the community. And this place is my nucleus; most of the close friends I have up here, I am friends with because of my job.

The job is also my only means of income for the time being, which makes it more personal.

I know it isn’t healthy to internalize work-related stress. I’ve tried for a while to decide what to do about it, and the only solution I have is to find a job that actually makes me proud of what I do.

As my name and blog title suggests, I am a teacher and storyteller by nature.  My nature will soon become one with what I do with my time and with how I make a living.


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