full disclosure

My arrival in Fargo in October of 2008 was bittersweet. The events causing me to leave the west coast were difficult and damaging, to say the least, but I liked that I was in a new and unfamiliar place with a lot to see, experience, and explore in California. When the information that caused me to need to move came to light (which I will never reference or discuss again), my mind immediately ran to comfort zones or places I wanted to live but had left behind me: New Orleans, Baltimore (again), northern Florida, Chicago, and even returning (against my better judgment) to Michigan.

Through all of my bitching and moaning about how much I dislike it here, I will say this: I’m happy I didn’t go anywhere else.

Fargo has very little to offer a guy like me. I’m not much for bars and the restaurant scene here is still in its early development. Being that I grew up not far from Detroit, and having lived near Baltimore and DC, I crave city life. Tall buildings, ethnic food, and mass transit call to me. But it’s a pretty fair statement, I think, that it was beyond easy to become close to the people in Fargo who became my friends.

I knew exactly one person in Fargo when I arrived, and as soon as we became roommates, our friendship deteriorated. It’s thriving now, but becoming the roommate of a close friend who I had spent all of a few days around in the previous ten years was probably ill-advised. Now, I don’t know what life would be like without her.

The same goes for all of the people up here who I worked with and who became my closest friends. Trusting anybody, much less people I had never expected to meet, was out of the question when I got here. You took me in and made me one of your own, and never once have I questioned these friendships, even the ones that have barely begun.

With about four days remaining before I turn southeast towards the Second City, I feel confident in saying that I could not have survived up here without you, my friends. Whatever you need from me, anytime, anywhere, you have. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.


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