you belong to the city

Chicago reveals itself to me a little more every day.

There are several free news publications in this city, including a fun daily paper, the RedEye. There’s also the Reader, New City, Illinois Entertainer, and Mindful Metropolis. Every one of them has a different focus, and it reminds me of how much stuff goes on in this city.

We’ve eaten at several good restaurants and had some really good home-cooked food so far. Last night, we tried the Chicago Curry House, which is Nepalese and Indian. It was a Chicago Reader recommendation, and it was spectacular. Shopping at Whole Foods Market is always an adventure and an educational experience. The butchers aren’t just big-city market employees. They’re professionals who know their meats and listen to everybody.

I ride the subway to work every day. It’s quick, reasonably cheap (I spend $86 for a 30-day unlimited pass, which is a lot cheaper than gas), and reminds me that I’m not in Fargo anymore.

The only complaint I have: the job. I was told yesterday, without any consultation or explanation, that I move to a new department next week. In addition, my supervisor is a moody, temperamental, inconsistent pain in the ass. I’m hoping my new supervisor is more even-tempered.

With every passing day, it becomes more clear that coming here was the right move for me. The canyons of glass and steel, constant wail of sirens and rattling of elevated trains, the smell of ethnic food, and the announcements of free festivals and events in the free daily papers are constant reminders that I belong in a city like this one.

I’ve always wondered if I’d find the city that fits me, and this is it. Sweet home Chicago.



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