Life is evolution. Things happen that cause us to change and become different people. Usually, these changes result in us becoming a better version of a previous self.

Over the past few months, I’ve gone from newly single and excited about the prospects of a new chance at living the life I want to being heavy and restrained by my own mistakes in judgment. My forward progress has become stagnation, and any evolution I experienced in the first few months of solitude has stopped. I allowed myself to fall back into old habits, and I let my solitude become loneliness. I started running again and haven’t done it in over a month. I don’t write anymore, barely cook, and don’t feel the presence of friends that I felt in the first few months. Basically, I’m lost.

I’m considering several changes in my life, from a new job to furthering my education, and even moving to a new city. But the first thing I need to do is go back to the fork in the road where I left my forward trajectory, and recapture the momentum I felt in the winter.

I’m repurposing this blog. I usually use it to talk about current events and politics, and the occasional life event. From now on, it will be documentation of my forward movement, and it will hold true to its name. I will follow no roads but my own.


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